Selection Criteria and Prioritization  
Selection Criteria
Project Pipeline
Profit is both the result and reward of doing things right
and doing the right things.

David McNally

Hilltop Innovation is committed to helping its clients successfully identify and launch new products and services. In order to ensure the company is investing its resources in the highest priority projects, rigorous selection criteria are applied to each opportunity.

These criteria are developed from a strategic assessment of the following areas:

  • Objectives of the company and its business strategy
  • Competitive advantages and market needs
  • Company’s core competencies
  • Risk assessments
    • Market entry risks
    • Technology and manufacturing risks
  • Financial considerations
    • Revenue potential
    • Time to revenue
    • Market growth
    • Total investment
    • Return on investment
Our focus is on providing you with strategic growth processes for systematic selection and prioritization that results in maximum profits and stakeholder value.
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