Corporate risk takers are very much like entrepreneurs.
They take personal risks to make new ideas happen.

Gifford Pinchot III

At Hilltop Innovation we believe that it’s all in the approach. We help to create the internal processes that minimize risk and maximize profits. We apply our proven analytical skills and disciplines to everything we do.

OM Group

At the Cleveland based specialty chemical company, OM Group, Inc. Hilltop Innovation has been providing research support and Opportunity Analysis work-sessions.

"The methodology that Lynne Galligan and Hilltop offer helps you bring Focus to the Fuzzy Front End (F3E) of Innovation. During our pilot program, these tools helped OMG take a nice $5 million opportunity and parlay it into a great growth platform with potential in excess of $200 million."

Stephen D. Dunmead, Ph.D.
Corporate Vice President of Technology
OM Group, Inc.


Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison continues to use the Opportunity Analysis process championed by Lynne Galligan during her tenure there. In 2001 the company established an internal venture board composed of senior executives. This board has the mandate of expediting the conversion of innovative ideas into new products or businesses. At the time Avery Dennison prepared its 2001 Annual Report, approximately 60 ideas were in the pipeline.

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